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Certified Legal Translation is the translation of legal documents, terminology and concepts related to the field of law. It is a highly skilled field of translation that req.

We understand the importance of confidentiality in legal translation and process all such documents under the highest level of security. Our unique business flow allows us to select the most suitable translator, or team of translators, for every legal translation project.uires specialist translators

Targmly Translation Company is a leading company in the legal translation market in Egypt for its long experience in this field and its commitment to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in dealings With translators and clients, in addition to obtaining certifications and approval of the Ministry of Justice and all government agencies, embassies, courts and ministries in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Due to the importance of the legal background of any legal translator in Egypt and familiarity with all laws, procedures and procedures, Targmly Translation Services has strict procedures in selecting its team of legal translators who translate our legal projects. Translation of all legal texts and documents and the knowledge of its team of all laws, regulations and legal procedures in the Arab Republic of Egypt and other countries of the Middle East.



The legal translator who joins the Targmly team should be distinguished from: language skills and legal drafting skills, familiarity with the legal terminology in the text to be translated, knowledge of the legal systems of the country of origin and the target country to be able to properly formulate the terms and terminology accurately and without any error or inaccuracy. These Terms and Conditions shall be complied with in every legal translation project undertaken by you to ensure the quality and reliability of translated legal works at all times.


  • Contract translation
  • Patent and trademark filings translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Legal certification translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Letters of credit translation
  • Correspondence translation