Nothing gets lost in the translation.


 In view of the scientific development, scientific translation is increasing its terminology every day. It includes many sectors such as science, industry and trade. It is important in governmental and non-governmental institutions and private and public sectors.

Due to the difficulty of translating technical documents, the technical translator must have professional intelligence, extensive experience and high linguistic abilities in this field so that he can understand the text and convey it in the target language at the highest standards of accuracy and smoothness. The technical translator should be familiar with technical terms in both source and objective languages ​​to ensure that the technical terms are fully translated into the technical equivalent of the target language so that the recipient does not feel ambiguous or complex.

Technical Translation service by targmly office in egypt


Technical and scientific translation is characterized by the use of certain terms and the focus on the meaning of the word more than the concept and always contain the new terminology in view of the remarkable progress in technology and modern technologies. Technical translation involves the translation of documents submitted by technicians and engineers to machines and electrical and electronic equipment as user manual, owner’s guide, usage instructions, etc. Therefore, targmly Translation Company has expertise in technical and scientific translation and translation of scientific terms.