Targmly provides translation services, web pages, localization of web sites, translation of websites to any language you desire, best prices, professionalism and experience as soon as possible, without affecting the quality of translation, translation from English to Arabic or vice versa.

We provide translation and localization of websites and web pages because of its importance. It is the gateway between companies and their customers, so Turgley has expertise in localizing websites.

We provide the best translation translation for websites, web pages, international sites, industrial and commercial sites, organizational sites of various kinds, such as employment sites, education sites, charity institutions, corporate websites, factories, international schools, ministries, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and private and public sectors. We are interested in the electronic symbols that form the basis of websites such as SQL – HTML – PHP – NET – CSS without reducing or deleting the original content.

Great for you

Targmly translation services company is considered one of the best translation companies in Egypt because of its long experience and competencies that help its clients from large companies and institutions as well as individuals to write the content of their sites in the most appropriate and effective manner that meets technical standards and stylistic requirements in the target market, The most beautiful expressions and the most eloquent methods to convey your message.
We are aware that the website is the window of the owner of the world that reflects his identity and professionalism and the impression he has on his customers, so we give every website we translate special attention and we are keen to take it with the highest degree of efficiency and excellence to be an example in the professionalism and professionalism. We also provide multilingual website translation services such as English, Arabic, French, Russian and Chinese, and we have special arrangements to provide in other languages.