simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most sensitive areas in the field of translation. It is a direct translation and any error can not be corrected because there is no way to correct the words after they have spoken to a large number of attendees and cause a lot of problems so the interpreters translate carefully and seek to develop them constantly. Interpreting requires intense focus. The interpreter translates a sentence, hears and concentrates on the translation of the next sentence, so interpreting requires experience and intelligence in unusual work.

Targmly provides simultaneous interpretation services for press and scientific conferences and business meetings to conclude deals and contracts. Our translators are of high quality and suitable for interpretation, such as voice booths, speakers and microphones.

simultaneous interpretation requires concentration and speed of the translator too not to forget any information or sentences of the section required to translate and speed in taking notes. We offer simultaneous interpretation and online follow-up such as Skype sites and other online chat sites, translating phone calls, text messages, business interviews and international meetings.